Our mission is

to support
transformational change in our world

through the growth and development of social entrepreneurs and social businesses

Photo courtesy: Opportunity International and Samhita India

Welcome to the English Family Foundation

We seek to support social entrepreneurs driving high-impact initiatives in Australia and the South East Asia region. Our particular focus is on supporting the underlying ecosystem to enable social entrepreneurs to thrive.

We focus on strong leaders and believe that now more than ever a thriving social enterprise sector will be an important market-based driver of a new economy that is more just, inclusive and sustainable.

1 million people

funded through microfinance 2010-19

Over $12 million

granted since inception

Impactful partnerships

to drive social change

*Through our partnership with Opportunity International

About us

The English Family Foundation was established in 2010 by Allan and Tessa English, and their strong personal values guide our principals.


Photo courtesy: ImpaQt Qld

How we work

We are dedicated to supporting ambitious social entrepreneurs that have the vision and drive to tackle entrenched social issues and to developing a thriving ecosystem to enable these social enterprises to achieve their social impact goals.

The English Family Foundation has three main pillars:

Engaged Philanthropy Initiatives

We are always looking to understand ways we can add value to the social enterprise sector.

Our “engaged philanthropy” strategy recognises our core belief in the role of philanthropy to go beyond grantmaking to use our skills, time and networks for the benefit of our partners.

Ignitor Fund

We are currently focused on supporting Australian DGR1 social entrepreneurs who are supporting the development of the ecosystem to enable social entrepreneurs to thrive and achieve scale. We are particularly interested in those collaborating to accelerate and deepen their impact.

Global Giving Fund

We are seeking to partner with Australian DGR1 international aid agencies who are creating grassroots, community-driven, people-focused social business or entrepreneurial solutions in tandem with one or more local partner agencies. In particular we are looking to support those working in Timor Leste or Papua New Guinea.

About us

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