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Goods for the greater good

Photo courtesy: Good360 Australia

Good360 Australia is a matchmaker, helping repurpose items of value by directing them to the Australians who need them most.

They bring together the people working to lift up Australian communities, and the spare new goods of businesses. They connect surplus with need.

It was established in 2012 when Alison Covington brought the US concept to Australia.

Details of Support

We are proud to be one of the founding philanthropic partners with Good360 Australia; we supported them from 2014 – 2018. In 2014, our first grant provided funding to assist Good360 in building its internal capacity. With this support, Good360 was able to engage external consultants to conduct a board search, review and evaluation at an important time of growth. Since then we have provided core operational funding including funding in 2017/18 that enabled Good360 to pivot their business strategy by developing a corporate revenue stream to help move them closer towards financial sustainability.


As of July 2021 Good360 has received over $192 million of goods from brands such as BIG W, Colgate and LEGO, and donated over $175 million worth of goods to Australians in need. Their network is substantial having supported 2,887 charities connected 21.9 million new items to people in need!

Why did we pursue this partnership?

This is a unique not-for-profit that creates a pivotal link between corporates and charities, resulting in less waste and more redirection of goods to people in need. We feel strongly that Good360 Australia is breaking new ground in how we understand market forces within Australia and how we shift these paradigms to more equally distribute wealth and resources. It is a new, smart model that continues to push the boundaries and create meaningful and measurable social change.

What have we learned?

We see philanthropy as being more than just the provision of funds. Our partnership with Good360 has enabled us to provide support in other ways as well, such as mentoring, sharing knowledge and providing meaningful connections. At the same time we have been able to learn and delve into the dynamics of developing an e-commerce platform that re-imagines how we do business in the 21st century.

We believe that funding operations and organisational capacity is absolutely common sense. It’s important to support our amazing organisations to do what they do best – and that means being patient and constant when a grant partner needs to revise their strategy or business model in light of changing circumstances.

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