About us

Our philosophy

Passionate about supporting ambitious changemakers.

Photo courtesy: Yunus Centre, Griffith University

The English Family Foundation is passionate about supporting ambitious changemakers that have the vision and drive to tackle major social issues. We are particularly interested in those that are offering new and scalable ideas for change, and are seeking to drive systems-informed collaborative growth. We are passionate about developing the systemic ecosystem of support to enable social enterprises to thrive.


We seek to identify and support the future leaders of the sector and help produce successful outcomes that are driven by talented leadership.

To achieve this we aim to:

  • support those seeking to grow the social enterprise sector in Australia;
  • collaborate with other funders and take a leadership role in promoting philanthrophy;
  • support social experimentation and innovative models that involve some risk;
  • seek to develop true partnership models through our “engaged philanthropy” strategy’
  • measure our true impact;
  • develop respectful and authentic relationships, and;
  • be responsive to changing circumstances.

How we work

We have an “engaged philanthropy” strategy

This provides us with many tools in our toolkit to bring to the table