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Global Giving Fund

Supporting social businesses to develop pathways out of poverty

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Our focus

Under this program, the English Family Foundation is seeking to partner with DGR1 Australian international aid agencies that are creating grassroots, community-driven, people-focused social business or entrepreneurial solutions in tandem with one or more local partner agencies.

Applications can only be accepted from Australia-based organisations with Item 1 DGR and TCC endorsement and able to distribute funds internationally. The English Family Foundation is specifically and only interested in social business DGR1 organisations working in the South East Asia region which are attempting to address inequities and gaps in the areas of enterprise development, employment pathways, job creation and self-generated independence. Priority is given to those working within our closest neighbours Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste, as these are our current countries of focus.


Due to our high level of existing partners applications to the Global Giving Fund are by invitation only. Please reach out to us via the Contact Us section if you believe you have a program which meets our focus and you meet our eligibility criteria.

However, when considering if you are eligible for this program please note you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. You must either be an Australian-based organisation with Item 1 DGR and TCC endorsement or be in partnership with an Australian DGR1 organisation (who must be the initiating organisation on the application)
  2. You must be working within the South East Asia region, preferably East Timor or Papua New Guinea

Assessment criteria

In assessing all applications the English Family Foundation will focus on the extent to which the application demonstrates:

  • COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS: Community driven solutions which seek to lift families and communities out of poverty through enterprise focussed solutions
  • COLLABORATION: Strong collaboration across all sectors impacted (community/government/community/other service providers)
  • DEPTH: level of transformation from the project or enterprise, depth of impact felt beyond the impact on the recipient/participant
  • SPAN: the measurable wider impact on the community; leverage across other funders, ability to replicate and share the depth of the impact to maximise benefits across multiple communities/generations.
  • STRONG LEADERSHIP: vision and passion of individual(s) driving this social change within their community, for their community

Our Partners

Case Studies and Implementing Partners

The English Family Foundation is extremely proud of the organisations we partner with.