What we do


The English Family Foundation has three main program areas.

Photo courtesy: Palmera

Key areas of work

The English Family Foundation has three main pillars:

Engaged Philanthropy Initiatives

We are always looking to understand ways we can add value to the social enterprise sector.

Our “engaged philanthropy” strategy recognises our core belief in the role of philanthropy to go beyond grantmaking to use our skills, time and networks for the benefit of our partners.

Ignitor Fund

We are currently focused on supporting Australian DGR1 social entrepreneurs who are supporting the development of the ecosystem to enable social entrepreneurs to thrive and achieve scale. We are particularly interested in those collaborating to accelerate and deepen their impact.

Global Giving Fund

We are seeking to partner with Australian DGR1 international aid agencies who are creating grassroots, community-driven, people-focused social business or entrepreneurial solutions in tandem with one or more local partner agencies. In particular we are looking to support those working in Timor Leste or Papua New Guinea.

What we do

Engaged Philanthropy Initiatives

Our model challenges the traditional role of philanthropy in creating systems change.